The reaction of the participants of the workshop: „I would never say how much fun you will enjoy the strategy for land acquisition. Thanks so much unconventional point of view and excellent teacher.“ – Renata E., businesswoman.

Workshop Coaching I – IX.

„The courses OTTO BLANC Impulzy are important for me to guide and help on my way.“ – Kateřina U., businesswoman.

Workshop Motivation X.

Guest participants: „So far the best workshop that I attended!“ – LK, lawyer – said about the last worshop entitled Motivation, who led a very experienced teacher Dragan Vujović.


Workshop Leadership -20th February 21, 2012 and with an excellent teacher Mgr. Mária Korčeková. A few sentences: „It was definitely the coolest I’ve recently experienced, peace, power, energy.“ – JS, a lawyer; … Several important statements: „Why do not customers? Because you think you are good enough for them!“ – „The eye of the observer creates reality!“ – „The subortinates do not seek a mate, but the boss!“ etc.

Motivation VII. + VIII.

Feedback seminar participants: „This seminar should undergo more people, this would benefit them and society!“  … „The seminar I recommend anyone who wants to start or already started work on themselves and wants to go to higher dimensions of the new experience of life“

OTTO BLANC Club – English

„A wise, beautiful, inspirational man. Impermanence consciousness, gratitude, humility … … great wisdom. Really nice person. I’m thankful for meeting him.“ Responding to one of the workshop participants

Effective Stress Management II.

„The workshop provides a direct path adventure itself, unblocking the barriers that prevent better performance, greater satisfaction, professional and personal well-being. “ …Alena Bauerová

Workshop Effective stress management

Positive and inspiring workshop filled with practical solutions to the problems of participants!


„I suggest the best seminar I ever attended!“ … Mary P, IT entrepreneur, marketing


„Thank you for the light that showed me new possibilities „, one of the many positive comments the participants of motivation, which took place in the Hotel Casa Marcello.

What do you think Club members

I'm getting ideas, power and energy to build my dreams. Great meeting!

Marie Poledníková