Workshop Coaching I – IX.

The penultimate workshop of a series of 10 training courses titled Coaching April 17, 2012 I was held with the teacher Ivo Janecek in a very inspiring place in Prague 4 FreeStyle Park. The lecturer continued audiovisual lecture on quantum physics on the last workshop titled Motivation. Then he focused on coaching, especially coaching techniques including practical exercises.

Reactions of participants: „The courses OTTO BLANC Impulzy are important for me to guide and help on my way.“ – Kateřina U., businesswoman, „Again, I found many things in my life that I have to deal with otherwise.“ – Jana A., businesswoman, „Again the next step!“ – Tona S., businesswoman, „The new discovery information, change my approach!“ – Darina B. businesswoman.

Last workshop on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 – Coaching II – Stratefie 2.0 to company 3.0 will lecture Mr. Peter Maňas.

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I'm getting ideas, power and energy to build my dreams. Great meeting!

Marie Poledníková