Effective Stress Management II.

Workshop – Effective Stress Management  II. also brought another group of entrepreneurs and employees of micro-original and very effective method of instruction, the immediate removal of various mental blocks that hinder the further development of the individual, including the removal of physical pain – as a bonus.

Participants of the workshop A. Bauerová wrote: „The course provides a direct route into an adventure itself, unlocking the barriers that prevent better performance, greater satisfaction, professional and personal well-being. “

At the seminar, an experienced teacher Zdena Katayama, that practical experience and training gained in Japan, showed how to handle a business plan from another perspective, more easily. Participants were familiar with EFT, with the following repeated practical exercises. Anyone could try to remove the immediate results of specific physical pain and was subsequently explained the method for removing the various fears, addictions, emotional issues, removing blocks of success. Another view, other issues, led by coach involves more than allowing workshop participants to crack the very hard „nut“of the various barriers that block our success and further development. EFT can also be applied to a very widespread problem of procrastination (putting off forever duties and tasks), the removal units own marketing, etc. The workshop was held at Grand Hotel Majestic Plaza Arcade salon with good service. (http://www.hotel-grandmajestic.cz/cs/)

Reactions of workshop participants: „Very practical … very useful training … excellent, thank you … very useful course and practical guide to dealing with situations … and how it is commonplace in our workshops, workshop and high ranking teacher!

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