OTTO BLANC Club – English

On March 8 – a talk show with George walls, Vice-CBF, the first Czech draftovaným to the NBA – topic: „What can business learn from top sportsman“

There are many parallels between the top sport and business especially when talking about motivation. Jiri Zidek example, said: „From the beginning of my career itself never allowed to work more than I do, I would be nervous!“ „Coaches are determined the various mottos and one of the most memorable was every night to look at myself in the mirror and honestly ask, did everything that day so that you become a better basketball player and a better person?“

Jiri Zidek talked about setting goals, the importance of emotions in the quest for order, need quality education (he studied at the University of California at LA), automate tasks, and many other important part of building and the materialization of its objectives.

Responding to one of the workshop participants: „A wise, beautiful, inspirational man. impermanence consciousness, gratitude, humility … … great wisdom. really nice person. I’m thankful for meeting him.“

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Marie Poledníková