I got more than I expected-ranking 11b.! 10b of the possible „;“ I’m glad to have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of technology and creativity workshops „,“ perfect culmination of two previous workshops and help with starting to plan next year „“ I’m very glad I attended this workshop and look forward the other „;“ enriching program that fully complies with my values „,“ D. Vujovič Tutor is a charismatic, natural, great practice, empathetic … „- great, honest evaluation of the last workshop in 2010 called motivation. There are range of methodologies and procedures to grasp this topic, a topic crucial to our personal and professional success, for our happy and balanced existence. However, the selection of themes and content, which ranked Vujovič Dragan lecturer at a workshop on lifelong motivation as solid bases, including motivational techniques Were extremely strong, inspiring and motivating course. We are looking for new methods, ways to motivate yourself and your colleagues, family members, but we forget, do not find answers to the basic building blocks of life motivation, as the sincere desire, life purpose, dreams, talents, environmental values such as basic life compass, false ceilings of our options,principle of self-discipline, a key life decisions, the principle of personal growth curves, etc. The use of techniques we can support the continuous application to help realize the importance of change and support our efforts. strongest visuals. technique was probably for the participants of the final exercise called „mirror team“. Another follow-up Coaching workshop

will further support its content, address different objectives, tasks, issues, etc. the participants to their original concept.

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